Month: October 2022

Future Aspirations

This morning, the year seven and eights had a talk from ex Pt England Students. They all have great careers and come to talk about what they do and to inspire us.

They shared good stories and what things really inspired them. They also shared thinking coaches that I will probably remember forever. My favourite thinking coaches was ‘Do what brings you joy’ and ‘Don’t let yourself become your own barrier’. Some of us really need to choose wisely about what they wish their career to be and make sure that it makes you very joyful. The only one that is stopping you is yourself so don’t pull yourself back and be around others who support you.

I’ve been so inspired and grateful for this session. We had a Q&A which answered many of our questions.

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Saineha 1st Primary Halloween Program

Last week Saturday, my ward (Saineha 1st) had a Halloween program for the Primary.

We went to the church hall and set up our station. We had balloons, webs, spiders, lanterns, something black aesthetic hanging from the ceiling, lollies, etc. Soon the children and their families started arriving. They played some teamwork/individual activities. Once they finished that they went around and trick or treated past stations. When every kid got a pack of lollies from us we gave them a game to play to win a pack of lollies of a bigger pack. The bishopric had a cake eating contest which was very entertaining and funny.

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KPMG Trip! (2)

Today some of the extension students and other students from Pt England got to have another trip to KPMG. Our wishes came true, we wished to come back and visit. This trip was based on the topic for this term (Term 4 Mana Tu, Mitey You).

The helpers introduced themselves and then we had our delicious morning tea. When we finished eating we went on a tour of the building. My group consisted of Kahzyilou, Paula, Nora, and myself and our helpers were Luke and Anyah. The building has 5 massive floors with heaps of people doing work, etc.

When we came back we had a mental health lesson with Amber. It was such a good lesson that really helped me and others on how we feel or when we need help. Soon we wrote letters to someone but I really enjoyed this certain card making session then all my other ones. I wrote my one to my sister Catherine. Lunch was up next which we were all truly excited for.

After lunch we learnt Tai Chi was very interesting and entertaining to do. Finally we got a lolly pop each and gave one to someone in the building as a act of kindness. I gave mine to one of the guys we met on our last trip and one to the bus driver. I felt very happy and joy came across me.

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Mitey – Characteristics

This whole week we have been doing Mitey. Mitey is a home class activity we do which is based on something important like ourselves, culture, friends, etc. This Mitey lesson was based on a book called ‘Mophead’. For this activity we had to choose one feature about ourselves and write a metaphor/simile about it. I chose my freckles. I really enjoyed this lesson. I hope you have enjoyed this post. Please leave a positive comment on my blog.

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Maths – Statistical Investigation (problem/plan)

For the last two days, for maths we have been learning about statistical investigations. We learnt it in term 1 and now we are learning this again. We learnt about the cycle PPDAC. The part we learnt was PP/problem&plan. We are learning about the hours of sleep and comparing it well-being. I worked with Kiarah, Angelica, and Honey. I hope you have enjoyed this post. Please leave a positive comment on my blog.

Hamilton Temple – Rededication

Yesterday Sunday (16.10.2022) there was a rededication for Hamilton New Zealand Temple. It was first built and was originally dedicated by David O Mckay (served as the 9th president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) in 20 April 1958, closed in July 2018 for renovation, and we had the open house through out August and September.

My family and I attended the 9am session. We heard a few talks from our general church leaders and then one from the quorum of the 12 apostles Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf who rededicated the temple. I enjoyed all the talks and the whole session. This was a first experience for me and I am truly grateful I got to witness it.

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(open house with our ward)

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Term 3 Highlights!

Term 3 has been a fun and interesting term! We’ve had language weeks, sports, prize giving, art expo, classroom trips, etc. I’d like to give a big thanks to everyone you helped and supported to make this term another success. I will share some highlights.

We had a celebration for Tongan Language week. We shared a movie on PENN and shared our performances at assembly. Our extension class and a few other kids went on a trip to KPMG. We learnt about photography and photo editing, we also had very nice food. All art that the children from PES made this term was displayed at our Art Expo. There were clay models, paintings, songs, drama, etc. We had our cross country which we didn’t have last year (due to lockdown). It was a success because we had a lot of kids who gave it a go/ran. Tech was something that that year 7&8 usually do (I’m in Hard Materials). Lastly our netball prize giving which was a blast. I have really enjoyed this term.

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