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Term 4 Highlights!

Term 4 is officially over. It was quite a big shock to everyone because of the short term. We all tried to make the best of it and enjoyed it. We had many events that happened which I’m very grateful for and enjoyed. Thank you to everyone who helped out this term to make it another great success.

At the start of the term we had our Immersion Assembly where the teachers had to perform or share a movie. We had our second KPMG trip which is quite rare and we were super stoked about it. We loved the food, the lessons we learnt, and the activities we played. Our School Athletics day was very fun. I enjoyed spending time with all the year 8 girls (team challenges were so funny).  Later in the term we had our school Prizegivings and Year 8 Graduation. It was a joyful time where most of us received awards, I did which I was proud about. And all year eights dressed up beautifully and had our pictures taken.

I absolutely loved this term. It is so sad and fortunate that I’m leaving. Thanks again to everyone! I hope you have enjoyed this post. Please leave a positive comment on my blog.

Prizegiving 2022!

Today we had our school Prizegivings. I really enjoyed and loved my last senior prizegiving (which was in the afternoon). Many deserved people received great awards such as, class awards, PENN awards, sport awards, scholarships, and much more.

I received many awards but one of them was the ‘Takoha Pay It Forward’ award.  I was so very happy and super proud of myself. I wasn’t expecting to get it but I did. Thank you to those who have helped me this year!

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KPMG Trip! (2)

Today some of the extension students and other students from Pt England got to have another trip to KPMG. Our wishes came true, we wished to come back and visit. This trip was based on the topic for this term (Term 4 Mana Tu, Mitey You).

The helpers introduced themselves and then we had our delicious morning tea. When we finished eating we went on a tour of the building. My group consisted of Kahzyilou, Paula, Nora, and myself and our helpers were Luke and Anyah. The building has 5 massive floors with heaps of people doing work, etc.

When we came back we had a mental health lesson with Amber. It was such a good lesson that really helped me and others on how we feel or when we need help. Soon we wrote letters to someone but I really enjoyed this certain card making session then all my other ones. I wrote my one to my sister Catherine. Lunch was up next which we were all truly excited for.

After lunch we learnt Tai Chi was very interesting and entertaining to do. Finally we got a lolly pop each and gave one to someone in the building as a act of kindness. I gave mine to one of the guys we met on our last trip and one to the bus driver. I felt very happy and joy came across me.

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(Photos coming soon)