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Term 3 Highlights!

Term 3 has been a fun and interesting term! We’ve had language weeks, sports, prize giving, art expo, classroom trips, etc. I’d like to give a big thanks to everyone you helped and supported to make this term another success. I will share some highlights.

We had a celebration for Tongan Language week. We shared a movie on PENN and shared our performances at assembly. Our extension class and a few other kids went on a trip to KPMG. We learnt about photography and photo editing, we also had very nice food. All art that the children from PES made this term was displayed at our Art Expo. There were clay models, paintings, songs, drama, etc. We had our cross country which we didn’t have last year (due to lockdown). It was a success because we had a lot of kids who gave it a go/ran. Tech was something that that year 7&8 usually do (I’m in Hard Materials). Lastly our netball prize giving which was a blast. I have really enjoyed this term.

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