SLJ – Kick Start: My Summer Tiki Tour

This is one of the tasks for the SLJ last week. It was fun and probably my favourite one from last week. In this task we had to write different places we would like to visit or do visit during the holidays. My family and I don’t travel out of Auckland that much (only Hamilton) but it’s still very nice. I worked on this task with my younger sister Catherine. I hope you have enjoyed this post. Please leave a positive comment on my blog.

4 thoughts on “SLJ – Kick Start: My Summer Tiki Tour

  1. Hello again Finau!

    Wow what an awesome Summer Tiki Tour you have created here! I really enjoyed seeing all of the locations you added. Your slideshow made me feel very nostalgic, as I also loved playing at Eastern beach when I was a kid! It’s such a great beach to spend time with whānau and friends! Have you been during these holidays yet?

    That ice cream at the farmers market sounds like an absolute treat on a hot summer’s day! What type of fruit or berries do you have in your ice-cream?

    It was so lovely to see the pictures of your church family members. What’s your favourite thing about going to church?

    Look forward to hearing back from you,

    Ngā mihi
    Theresa (SLJ)

    1. Hi again Theresa,

      Thanks for your comment. It’s nice that you enjoyed the locations and slideshow. It’s also nice that you’ve spent time at eastern beach too. I love that beach, it might be my favourite. No, not yet but I’m excited when we go.

      Yeah it is. I love the strawberry flavour. Definitely recommend!

      Oh, that’s very sweet. Probably the events like our camps, game days/nights, and dances.

      Thanks again

  2. Mōrena Finau,

    You’ve created and shared some great slides for your summer tiki tour. How good does Eastern Beach look?! I need to check it out one day! 😀How good are real fruit ice creams! Do you have a favourite flavour?

    It’s awesome to see that you will be spending heaps of time with whānau over summer. I will probably do the same.

    Your slides are presented so well too! You have provided a very clear description for each stop. Did this activity take you long to complete?

    Keep up the good work! 😀

    Ngā mihi,
    Simon (SLJ)

    1. Hello Simon,

      Thank you very much for your comment. I’m glad that you like the slideshow and eastern beach. Yeah you definitely should. Very good and yes, the strawberry flavour.

      Yeah it’s very cool. And of course you should too! Especially since it’s the summer holidays.

      I’m also glad you think that. Nope but finding free to use photos did (took longer).

      Thanks again,

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