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Writing – Earth Introduction

Task Description: Last week and this week my literacy class is learning about explanation writing. We were put into groups and had to write an introduction based on planet earth. I hope you have enjoyed this post. Please leave a positive comment on my blog.

Earth the blue planet. It’s the 3rd planet from the sun. In this essay we will be talking about earth, its place in the solar system, humans and species and the structure of earth. 70% of earth is made up of water.

Speeches – Self Reflection

Task Description: Last week I shared my speech with my literacy task. For this we had to write a self reflection about ourselves and our speech. My speech was about Hawaii and why it should be your number one destination.

Self Reflection: I think that my speech turned out really well. I think it was a success. I was clear with my voice and I was loud enough that others could hear. I tried to make contact which was quite easy and difficult at the same time.

Persuasive Speech – Why Hawaii should be your number 1 travel destination

Task Description: Over the couple four weeks my literacy class (and the other literacy classes) have been learning about persuasive writing/speeches. We first started by making an ad. Soon after that we chose a topic and then made a persuasive speech about it. My topic was “Why Hawaii should be your number 1 travel destination”. My writing is below this task description. Today I shared my speech with my literacy class. I hope you have enjoyed this post. Please leave a positive comment on my blog.

Writing: Do you want to feel the aloha spirit? Come visit Hawaii. Surfing was invented in Hawaii. The people treat tourists kindly and you can really feel the “aloha” spirit. In my essay I will be stating why Hawaii should be your number 1 travel destination. I will also be sharing Hawaii’s amazing food, their lovely culture, and beautiful nature. 

Hawaii has many fresh fruits that I bet you’ve never had. They have freshly squeezed pineapple juice that I definitely recommend, you might have it every meal of the day. Shaved Ice is one of the many things that you should absolutely try. It’s really good for those hot days. Hawaii has a lot more treats than this. One of my personal favourites is the Mauna Loa Chocolate.

They have a wonderful culture. The Luau is a traditional party or feast that everyone always enjoys. They will usually greet you with a lei which is a symbol for love and for warm greetings. They also have very interesting curses and legends that may fascinate you.  

LEGEND/CURSE: Pele is a Hawaiian goddess who controls fire and volcanoes. She curses and punishes thieves. People who steal from her, they take sand, rocks, shells, anything that is natural from Hawaii. She will punish you by making everyday life difficult. 

Hawaii is home to the only tropical rainforest in the United States. Their native flower is the Yellow Hibiscus which you can only find in Hawaii. They have many beaches with a variety of sands that are different colours (white, red, black, and much more). There are volcanoes scattered all over Hawaii and some of them form islands. Mauna Loa known for being less active for over 35 years. 

In conclusion here are my three main reasons why Hawaii should be your number one travel destination or in other words, your number one place to visit. Their amazing food, their lovely culture, and beautiful nature.  Thank you!

Story Animation

This was my writing activity for the week. We had to make an animation on slides and I’ve made a few before. This animation was about a unicorn, beach, and cast a spell. It was fun and interesting to do. I hope you have enjoyed this post. Please leave a positive comment on my blog.

Information Report – Hippopotamus

This is FIOP. Our writing task is another information report which is based on Hippos. I wrote about their habitat/diet, family/life, and conservation. I read a few articles about this and found some cool and interesting facts. I hope you have enjoyed this post. Please leave a positive comment on my blog.

The third largest land animal on earth and native to Africa, the Hippopotamus. This mammal lives on water and land, they live in the South Sarahan, Africa. They can stay underwater for five minutes. Hippos are mostly herbivorous and eat grass (about 35 kilograms) and fruits. Hippos have a large body, short legs, short tali, and a huge head. Hippos weight 1,400kg – 4,500kg and their height is 10.8 and 16.5 feet.

Hippos are in groups with 10 – 30 individuals in it. It is called a herd or bloat. The leader of the herd is a dominant male leader. The rest are females with their younger hippos. Females hippos (who are called called cows) give birth to baby hippos and gather up with other cows to protect their babies. They protect their babies and fight off the predators by splashing water and using their massive size as their advantage.

These hippos are not endangered yet but exposed to extinction. 115,000 – 130,000 hippos are still living in the wild. Due to their habitat loss and hunting, their population went down. Luckily the laws have been restricted and this helped the hippopotamuses population. They also live in protected areas in East African countries.

In conclusion, Hippopotamuses are mammals, water and land animals. They have a herbivorous diet. They stay in herds and have one male leader. East African countries have some protected areas for hippos.

Information Report – Honduras

Task Description: Hello, welcome back to my blog/welcome to my blog! This is a FIOP task. In literacy we learnt how to write an information report. Below is my information report on Honduras. I hope you have enjoyed this post. Please leave a positive comment on my blog.

Honduras, a country located in Central America. Honduras has a population of nine point five seven people and the capital city is Tegucigalpa. Honduras is slightly larger than the state of Tennessee and has heaps of mountains.Honduras got its nickname, the Banana Republic, from political science. The term banana republic describes a politically unstable country with a careful management and financial or other support. Their major export was bananas.

Around 5000 BC construction began in Honduras, in what would be Copan (was built by Uaxaclajuun Ub’aah K’awiil and K’ak’ Yipyaj Chan K’awiil), the key city maya civilization. Kings would reign it for centuries and skilled arctics and sculptor would call it home. Honduras broke away from Mexico in 1823, Honduras finally became completely independent in 1839.

The Hondurans (also known as the people of Honduras) are a mixed race, Spanish, also mainly from Andalusians, Galicians, and more. The traditional clothing in Honduras is made handmade, mostly from white fabric and sowed with colorful designs. Women wear sleeveless dress, usually with a cloth worn around their waist like a belt, while men wear white pants and a white shirt, also sowed with colorful designs.

Honduras is home to over 700 species of birds. The Scarlet Macaw (Aro Macao) is Honduras’s national bird.The most popular sport in Honduras is football. Honduras has national football team that represents Honduras in men’s international football. Honduras had a flag, the flag consists of five stars in the middle rectangle. The middle rectangle is white, the other two are blue.

Free Writing – Tightrope

“Wow, this view is beautiful,” Noah said. Allison agreed. They both gazed at the sun shining big and bright and the clouds fogging everywhere. There was also this big mountain across in the background. Noah was a photographer, taking photos of Allison, Allison was a professional tightrope walker. Allison was soon going to retire from tightrope walking and wanted to capture this last beautiful moment. 

This moment made Allison tear up, just before putting her foot on the rope. She was so emotional that she couldn’t walk so she removed her foot from the rope. She tried to explain to the photographer about her feelings but she couldn’t even talk. The photographer somehow understood her and gave her some time. She was glad she could have a break but curious of how Noah knew. 

All she could really think about is how this is her last time tightroping and how much time she is wasting with the photographer. Thinking that the photographer was inpatient just stood there and gazed at the sunrise. She was confused but wanted to get herself back on her feet. She quickly wiped her tears and began to walk. 

She felt quite steady as she took quite a few steps onto the tightrope. She continued to walk towards the other side, again she started to tear up and get emotional. As she cried she lost her balance and tried to gain it back again. She wobbled and shook but then finally gained it. She froze and wondered if Noah was there to see or even help. As she turned her head she slipped off the rope. 

Allison screamed off the top of her lungs “NOAH HELP!”. She tried to grab hold of the rope but she was too late. Noah was too late. Down, down, and down she went. Her screaming was an echo down the cliff. The fall was so long she wondered if it would end. Eventually it did and thought she was DEAD!

She opened her eyes and skipped around the area yelling “I’M ALIVE, I’M ALIVE!”. But she then froze and thought to herself, if I slipped  off the rope, where am I? She searched and pondered the place. There was this soft ground with luminescent and big trees with crystals hanging from it. The mysterious place was quite beautiful but not where she was supposed to be. No one was there to be seen but she wasn’t totally sure. Again she thought to herself, how will I get out of here? Will this be home? 

TASK DESCRIPTION: Hello, welcome back to my blog/welcome to my blog! This was my writing task for the week. This task was a free writing activity. I wrote about a tightrope walker who is soon retiring. I hope you have enjoyed this post. Please leave a positive comment on my blog.

Writing – Kingdom of Avalor’s Curse

Kingdom Avalor is a wonderful kingdom. King Edward and his wife Queen Esther rule and take over the kingdom. The people love and admire them. King Edward and Queen Esther have three children, Prince Ethan, Princess Emily, and lastly Princess Elena. Prince Ethan is the oldest and takes care of the family, Princess Emily is the most beautiful and preciseed child, and here we have Princess Elena. Elena is a beautiful, smart, and adventurous princess.

“Elena, I told you to do your chores!” The Queen said. Elena was quite hesitant and shocked but she knew she had to do it sometime, someday. Elena got up and started picking up her clothes and books. Her mother apologised and said “I apologise, it’s just that-” and then Elena cut her off and said “It’s okay mother. I understand”. Her mother exited the room trusting that Elena would listen to her and clean her room. She never really acts like this, even her mum, but little did she know that Elena had somewhere to go to.  

Elena quietly and gracefully jumped on her zip line and swung herself over the castle gates. She did feel quite guilty for not listening to her mother. She would never do something like this but she had a very important meeting, or place to go to. Elena strolled through the narrow path with big trees and bushes on each side of it. From a stroll to a run, she finally reached the place she was looking for. It was a cave with large crystals and stones. She called “Ogre, Elena is here!”. 

Ogre replied “Yes, yes, yes, I’M COMING!”. Elena wanted Ogre to hurry because she had chores to do and she wasn’t allowed with Ogre. It was just a thing that her family or the kingdom didn’t like or want. Ogre came back saying “sorry I was making toad soap, you want some?” Elena replied “No thank you”. Elena reminded Ogre about how he wanted Elena to meet him here. He felt quite uneasy when he began to talk, “Something accidental and terrible occurred in the cave. A curse!”.

Elena wasn’t so sure about this so laughed and asked “What? A curse?” and Ogre said “Yes. A Curse” with a very stern and strong voice. Elen froze and started fiddling with her fingers. She wondered and thought, a curse? Under who and what? So she asked and he said “Under Kingdom Avalor”. 

Elena gasped and fell backwards because of how shocked she was. Ogre quickly picked her up and checked with her if she was alright, she was. Ogre told her that this curse would cause all first born children to sadly pass. Of all families in Kingdom Avalor. Elena questioned him and asked “How do we stop this?” and he said “And that’s where you come in. You need to find a cure or a way to end this curse.”. Without any hesitation she stood up and thanked the ogre. She ran out of the cave and onto the path. She knew if she told her mother or father about this, they would be furious because she didn’t clean her room and she met with an ogre. Will she tell or do this adventure herself?

TASK DESCRIPTION: Hello, welcome back to my blog/welcome to my blog! This is one of my writing tasks for this week. Our literacy teacher gave us an idea on what to write on. I wrote about a princess and ogre. The story is about an ogre who accidentally cursed the kingdom so the princess has to save the kingdom. I hope you have enjoyed this post. Please leave a positive comment on my blog.

Free Writing – Black Sky

Hello, welcome back to my blog/welcome to my blog! Today for literacy we did free writing. I chose a image that had a black sky with a big boat sailing. I used the narrative writing structure. I hope you have enjoyed this post. Please leave a positive comment on my blog.


Writing Piece: The sky was pitch black and the moon shined bright. The waves moved up and down. You could hear the waves moving because of the amount of silence. The boat sailed slowly on the water, while the people on the boat paddled – the sails were huge and helped the boat move.

The people in the boat paddled until they were tired. They let the sails on the boat push the boat. Rain pattered and hit the sea. People on the boat searched for shelter on the boat, where they could stay warm and dry. They went down stairs and stayed there.

While the people stayed down stairs they noticed and heard something. The noise was louder than the rain. Thinking it was just more rain it turned out to be hail. This started to worry them because they thought that the rain and hail would fill the boat. They thought about this for a short amount of time and thought that this boat would be okay – it’s been through so many things, it could handle it. 

Once they thought about this they headed back down stairs. Some of the people were worried about this and others were quite calm with this. They thought that the rain and hail was gone and finished so they checked back outside. It was horrible! The rain and hail was still there but thunder and lightning could be heard and seen. 

Everyone was scared and ran around the boat. Others tried to calm each other down but this was too intense. Soon lightning struck the sail and the sail was torn in half. The boat was starting to fill with water. Everyone panicked, no one was calm. What were they going to do?

One person slowly calmed down, he thought of an idea. He gathered and calmed everyone down but this was quite a job. At one point everyone was calm and still. The one person instructed everyone to get buckets and scoop as much water as they could.

All hands were on deck! Everyone was scooping and dumping water out of the boat. This was hard and tiring but they kept on going. Soon most of the water was out of the boat and one of the people in the boat fixed and sowed the sail. Everything was working and in good use. They could make it to Goldenland and possibly meet Richard Harrison.