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2022 Term 2 Highlights!

Term 2 has been another crazy and awesome term! We’ve had sports, camp, fun activities, celebrations and much more. I’d like to thank everyone (teachers, parents, staff, and basically everyone) for helping out this term and making this term another successful term. I will share my highlights.

We have started netball at the start of the term. My team is the PES Warriors. We have been improving (which we are proud of) and are excited for our upcoming games. My tech classes have been very fun and educational. I’ve had CTRL in term one and cooking in term 2. I loved making lots of healthy delicious food. We’ve had our amazing Year 8 Leadership Camp which was such a good experience and so much fun. We’ve had our Matariki celebration and celebrated my lovely teacher Miss Hall’s time at PES. She will be on her new journey so have fun and good luck! Thank you!

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2022 Term 1 Highlights!

Hello, welcome back to my blog/welcome to my blog! In this post I will be sharing my highlights for this term. Term 1 has been a crazy and awesome term. People have been in isolation, we’ve met new people/friends, meet our new class for the year, had fun days, etc. This was a interesting start to 2022 but I’ve enjoyed it. Tomorrow is our last day of term 1.

Highlights: My first highlight was our fun days. We had lots fun days which I enjoyed and I’m grateful for. I had so much fun! We had a trip to Willow Park, Tonga Fundraiser, Little Hearts Day fundraiser, School Fun Day, and I think thats probably how much we had. I also went on a Youth Church Camp to Camp Tuhikaramea (very fun!). My other highlight was being called for Hine Moana house captain for 2022. I was so happy and proud of myself. I had so many other highlights but these are my top highlights.

Thank you to all the people including staff, teachers, family/friends, parents, siblings, aunties, uncles, etc for helping out and making this term a success.

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