Literacy – Me, Me, & Me

Today’s literacy task was called Me, Me, and Me. We had to read a text and answer some questions. I hope you have enjoyed this post. Please leave a positive comment on my blog.

2 thoughts on “Literacy – Me, Me, & Me

  1. You have provided some strong reasoning against students your age being able to use social media. I agree I think it takes a high level of maturity to handle these apps.
    What do you think is a more appropriate age?
    Yes it would be great if kids spent more time being active and doing something physical and interacting face to face rather than online.
    Keep up the great thinking Finau.
    Mrs Nua

    1. Hello Mrs Nua,
      Thank you for leaving me a comment. Thank you, I’m glad you agree with me. It really does.
      Probably 13 or 14 years and above. It seems like the appropriate age. This is the age where most students start college.
      That would be much better. It would help improve their physical and mental health. Even with their social skills. Thanks again.

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