Literacy – Descriptive Writing Sour Lolly

Task Description: Today for literacy we did a fun taste test game. We were partners and my one was Angelica. We were given local deliquesces that our teacher said was yum but it was sour and yuck. This was fun. I hope you have enjoyed this post. Please leave a positive comment on my blog.

Writing: As it dropped in my hand, the texture of the thing was strange. The thing was a ball, a sphere. It was hard and crumbs on the outside of it. It smelt like a granola bar but mostly like nothing. Once the ball touched my mouth I felt something tingly and it felt very weird. It was so sour and tingly. At the same time it was crazy sweet. I bit on it straight away and it cracked easily. Once it cracked in my mouth I felt an explosion of sourness. 

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