Term 3 – Art Works

Today was the first day of term three (welcome back!). We first had our immersion assembly and introduced our theme for the term, Art Works!

One of our two teachers and principal shared photography/drone, painting and a pallet, and a song based on Art. Next Team One’s item was about showing emotions in art. Team Two’s item was about drawing self portraits and learning about other artists. Team Three’s item was about art, acting, singing, etc. Team Four’s item was about different types of arts. Lastly, Team Five’s item was about acting and showing different emotions (in art).

My favourite act was Mr Somerville’s item. He showed his drone flying across the hall. It showed some kids laughing and having fun.

After this assembly we came back and talked about our class treaty and values. We also welcomed our lovely home class teacher, Mrs Stone! We then played fun teamwork activities.

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