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Year 8 Leadership Camp – Highlights

During week 3 the year eights had their leadership camp. This camp was supposed to be fun and help us with our leadership skills, it really was. Our camp was at Carey Park Camp and I was in Waitakere. I have many highlights and things I wanna share but I will share just a few. I hope you have enjoyed this post. Please leave a positive comment on my blog. (There were certain activities that we couldn’t do because of the rain but we still had a blast).

Highlight 1/Activities – There were so many activities that would put me out of my comfort zone or they would’ve been so fun! Two of my favourite activities were flying fox, crate stacking, (much more but those two). I screamed so loud when I went on the flying fox because it was so high and it was insanely fun. The crate stacking kind of put me out of my comfort zone because I stood on unsteady crates but it was still super duper fun.

Highlight 2/Area – The area was amazing and beautiful! There would be signs like a green sign, yellow sign, and red sign (you probably get what that means).  There was a park, trampolines, fun play areas, a lake/river, etc. The cabins were also cool. As well as our meeting area, the dining hall and the court.

Highlight 3/ Food – We loved the food! I promise you that we were well fed and the food was delicious. I loved dessert and lunch. Thank you to the chefs and teachers for helping out with serving our food.

A HUGE THANK YOU to our helpers, parents, teacher, chefs and host/people at the camp for this amazing camp we had. It was super fun and I did not regret not going because I had a blast. I had a great time with my friends, watching others step up and lead, and the awesome activities. Thank you!