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Term 4 Highlights!

Term 4 is officially over. It was quite a big shock to everyone because of the short term. We all tried to make the best of it and enjoyed it. We had many events that happened which I’m very grateful for and enjoyed. Thank you to everyone who helped out this term to make it another great success.

At the start of the term we had our Immersion Assembly where the teachers had to perform or share a movie. We had our second KPMG trip which is quite rare and we were super stoked about it. We loved the food, the lessons we learnt, and the activities we played. Our School Athletics day was very fun. I enjoyed spending time with all the year 8 girls (team challenges were so funny).  Later in the term we had our school Prizegivings and Year 8 Graduation. It was a joyful time where most of us received awards, I did which I was proud about. And all year eights dressed up beautifully and had our pictures taken.

I absolutely loved this term. It is so sad and fortunate that I’m leaving. Thanks again to everyone! I hope you have enjoyed this post. Please leave a positive comment on my blog.

Year 8 Graduation 2022

Last week Monday we had our year 8 graduation for 2022. I was super excited and happy. When I arrived with my parents I greeted my friends and teachers. We next took photos infront of the photo place. Then we had a light supper and got started.

The prefects shared their speeches which was lovely. One or two students had to introduce their teacher. I did it with my classmate Aaron. My class was second to last. It was nice hearing speeches from students and teachers. It was also very, very, very nice seeing many year 8s dressed up nice and semi-formal. I loved that day so much and enjoyed it.

Thank you to parents, families, supporters, teachers, and year 8 students for attending and making it a wonderful night. I hope you have enjoyed this post.