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Willow Park

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Yesterday team 5 went to Willow Park. When we arrived at the camp site we got free time. I walked around the camp site, I played on the park and on the trampoline. We then had our morning tea and headed to the beach – had a swim. After that we had a lunch provided by Willow Park.

One of my highlights of the day was playing on the trampoline. I already have a trampoline at my house but it was still so fun. Lots of my friends would be on one trampoline, we would all fall and slip. It was so funny!

Something I would do next time is probably walk more and explore the area. It was a big and beautiful camp site with lots of thing/activities to do.

Something I was grateful for was the food they provided for us. The food was very yum and delicious. They gave us morning tea and lunch. Morning tea was a small savoury pastry. Lunch (what I had) was a sweet/brownie, hot dog, and potato with dressing. I enjoyed the lunch.

Our next fun day should be at Swim A Rama Lagoon Pools. I’ve been there before and I had so much fun with family and friends. There is this huge slide that is very dark and this fun rocket obstacle course.

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