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Team Challenges!

Today for home class we are discovering our treaty ideas. We first shared and talked about all values we all value the most. Respect was one of them. Next we were put into groups. My group consisted of Aaron, Tumanako and Amira. This was so that we can work together and do our team challenges.

Our first challenge was a paper bridge, where we had to balance a squishy dice on the bridge. We made two triangles as the base and stacked two pieces of paper on top of it. It was a success and we were happy about it.

Our next challenge was to build the tallest tower out of straws. My entire group had different ideas and went our separate ways (not really). After we saw how good all our ideas were, we decided to combine them together. Together we made the tallest tower which I thought was impressive. We added too many straws and our tower ended up falling down. Overall it was still fun.


Our second to last challenge was a cup game. We had to tie four pieces of string to the rubber band. Each of us had to tug on one end and make a tower of cups. My team was very excited and steady while we were doing this activity. We were the quickest team to finish which made us absolutely thrilled.

Our final challenge was to make the tallest tower out of cups the quickest. We decided to do one upside down and the other upside up and keep on stacking. It was unbalanced and fell so we went with stacking the cups in a pyramid form.

 I’ve learnt quite a lot about teamwork, communication, listening, participating, and so much more. I hope you have enjoyed this post. Please leave a positive comment on my blog.