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Social Studies – Made in Taiwan: Blog Letter

Recently in social studies we have been learning about the film ‘Made in Taiwan’. There were two guys named Oscar and Nathan who were discovering and learning more about their family history. They took DNA tests and used them for navigation (to go back and look for their origins). It was very beautiful, interesting, and educational to watch. At the very end of the activity we had to write a blog letter about this whole journey.


Blog letter: I have learnt a lot from Nathan and Oscar’s journey. It seemed like they had a precious and beautiful experience. They met new people, new friends, and especially new family relatives. I have learnt that you don’t really need DNA to prove that you have family or certain relatives, you can just tell by the love and connections they/you (Nathan & Oscar) share with your families. I wonder how long in general this journey of Nathan and Oscar was? I wonder where my ancestors are from? I sort of have an idea since I do family history. Thank you Nathan and Oscar for sharing your experience with us! You have inspired many of us to try and look for our family origins.

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