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Camp Tuhikaramea! Youth Ward Camp


Hello, welcome back to my blog/welcome to my blog! 2 weeks ago on Friday I went on a camp to Hamilton, Camp Tuhikaramea. This was a youth ward camp. I went with my family, ward youth, and some ward members. My family were the first to get there so we got our cabin – the cabin was surprisingly big! The point of this camp was for us to be strength both physically and spiritually. Also to help us in our confidence.

Here are some of my highlights – 1: My first highlight was the pacific museum/temple. I really enjoyed visiting the temple and museum. We looked through the museum and saw a lot of cool things. I saw this painting with Jesus Christ in the islands, playing with the children. I also saw my grandpa and great uncle in one of the portraits. They were missionary volunteers and construction workers building temples and churches. We also went to the temple. I was so happy, joyful, and calm when I finally saw the temple (again) in person. It was a beautiful view and experience.

Highlight 2: My cabin was awesome! I was with Lose, Emeline, Bubba, Roseline, Ana, and Temalisi. There were 3 rooms, 2 bunks in 1 room, 2 bunks in the other room, and 2 single beds in the middle room. Lose, Emeline, Temaisi, and we were in on room which the 2 bunks. On our first night we shared creepy stories that really scared me (but not to scared). We ate late night snacks and talked. We had to be in our cabins by 10pm but we could still talk and have fun! The other cabin with the other girls have their own disco and it was quite loud (haha!).

Highlight 3: I would never forget the slide. We first had our activities/relays. We then walked over to the slide. I thought this slide was the ones we have a school but this slide was far from the ones we have at school. It was so big and long. I had to fun down hill to see the end of the hill. I was so excited and nervous. They got the hose and soap ready. I went down so fast and my mum was yelling “TURN TO YOUR SIDE!” which makes you go slower. When I reached the end I was trying to stand up but I fell over and then someone came sliding down super fast and hit me. I got hit like 3 times. My little sister and my friends Melemanu and Emeline went flying out of the slide (HAHA!). My 2 other brothers and mum went too. Sometimes I went with all my friends at once. This slide was scary, fun, and I also got lots of bruises but I think it was worth it.

Highlight 4: My first ever bonfire. I brought my big blanket and shared it with Lisi. To be honest the fire was already making me feel warm, even without my blanket. We all went around in a circle with the boys, girls, and parents/leaders. We shared what we have enjoyed so far from camp. After that we toasted our marshmallows in the fire and ate them with biscuits.

Highlight: Team Blues Clues in the house! I was in Team Blue. My leader was Nane and Kefi. We made our banner which turned out really cool and beautiful. After that we started making our chants. It was so fun and it was a good way to make better bonds with new people.

Highlight 5: I was well fed everyday. Thank you to the chefs for making our food! We had breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks! Sometimes I thought that was the end of our eating time but no, there was more food. My favourite food was that bacon and eggs, pizza, and Doritos with sour cream. There were heaps of snacks in my family’s cabin so I would always so in there to take some food.

Highlight 6: I enjoyed the free time. Whenever we finished eating our meals or an activity we would just go back to our cabins and do whatever we want (but be wise). We had some neighbours and the other side on the camp (because of camp was Camp Nephi). On our first night we stayed in our cabins but the 2nd night was fantastic! We finished our bonfire and returned to our cabins. Everyone was playing Spotlight and Man Hunt. Some of the girls dances and played loud catchy music. I talked with Lisi and Winnie. This free time actually felt like fun free time.

Highlight 7: Pyjamas Disco Night. On our first day we had a disco party and the theme was Pyjamas. We did general dancing. All the girls danced on one side or the pavilion and the boys danced on the other side. Some people were dancing and some people were frozen. Since we needed to boost our confidence and start dancing we had to stand in a huge circle with the boys and girls. This made us move and dance a little bit more. Soon we did a dance which is called the March. This was so fun to do!

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Testimony Camp Tuhikaramea (Experience)

Hello, welcome back to my blog/welcome to my blog! Last week Sunday I got given an opportunity to share my testimony and camp experience at my church ward sacrament meeting. Here is my testimony.

Good Afternoon my dear brothers and sisters! I’m so grateful for this opportunity to share my testimony and my camp experience with you all. Before I do, I’d like to thank heavenly father for blessing us with this beautiful sabbath day.

I’m so happy that I went to camp and do not regret it. Camp has strengthened me both physically and spiritually. I enjoyed making better bonds with the friends I already had. I met brothers and sisters and made new bonds with them. 

I also enjoyed visiting the temple. In the temple you can baptise the dead, get sealed, and do missionary work. Temple work can help us return back to heavenly father. I felt so calm and joyful when I saw the temple. It was a beautiful experience and a beautiful view of the temple.

I’m so grateful and enjoyed seeing my grandpa and great uncle in one of the portraits in the church museum. They were missionary volunteers and construction workers building the house of the lord and churches. It was good seeing my grandpa doing the lord’s work and doing the right thing, and also seeing my dad doing the right thing too. 

I’m so grateful that I grew up in this church and learnt about Christ’s resurrection. I’d like to thank Jesus Christ for his good example and because of him we can all repent and be with our father again. 

I’d like to bare my testimony that this church is the true church,I believe that the scriptures are true, I believe that the temple work can help us return back to our heavenly father, I believe that Russell.M.Nelson is a true prophet of god, I believe that Jesus Christ lives, I believe that camp has really helped me physically, spiritually, in socialising, and in my confidence. Thank you to all the leaders and parents for helping out with this camp. I love you all and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

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