Month: May 2022

What information to share – Public VS Private

Hello, welcome back to my blog/welcome to my blog! This week for cybersmart we learnt about how to share information. We can share certain information such as hobbies or favourite food but we can’t share information like passwords and email addresses. I’ve learnt quite a lot of things about sharing information with the public or keeping it private. I hope you have enjoyed this post. Please leave a positive comment on my blog.

Shrek About Me

Hello! Hi! Hey! How are ya?! What’s up?!

 My name is Shrek. I live in the land of Duloc. There is a certain swap there and a house near it. My front yard had a few signs trying to scare you off saying things like “go away” or “warning green creature lives here” or “walk in, if you dare?!”. These signs are just to scare you because I like peace and quiet and just enjoy being alone and mostly sleep. 

Going back to my signs saying “warning green creature lives here”. That’s who I am! I am a green creature also known as ogre. I am in a beautiful fantasy with different people and creatures around me. This fantasy is either I have good luck or other times I got bad luck. 

Other people would judge me as an impatient or aggressive person and I sometimes would say that. Only when I am grumpy or just not in the right mood. They think that because I’m a big angry ogre but they haven’t really met me. I would describe myself as overreactive (in a good way of course), friendly, careful, and other nice things.

 I enjoy taking mud baths. Like legit, I take baths in the swap. Like I said I enjoy staying by myself and also privacy. I have a donkey as my friend and pet. He kind of annoys me but a real energetic animal. That donkey won’t stop talking, haha! I really like eating human flesh and bones! AHH! KIDDING! I love eating pumpkin and onion, and basically anything that is yum and good for me! 


Hello, welcome back to my blog/welcome to my blog! This week for cybersmart we learnt how to write a about me. This about me wasn’t about us, instead it was about Shrek. We had to write good things about him and promote him in a good way. I hope you have enjoyed this post. Please leave a positive comment on my blog.


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Panmure Stake Youth Activity Day


Hello, welcome back to my blog/welcome to my blog! During the holidays my favourite thing I did was attend the Panmure Stake Youth Activity Day. I had so much fun and enjoyed it. I will share my highlights/short recount.

Highlight One – New Friends, I made a whole lot of new friends (on Saturday and Sunday. Sunday photos will come soon). Everyone was so friendly and wanted to be friends. I met a few from primary and now are in youth. Others from netball games or just see them at church.

Highlight Two – Trust In The Lord T-Shirts, we received shirts that had the words “trust in the lord” and other words. I was so happy and loved the shirt. Some of us wore white shirts the others wore yellow shirts. We played all the activities and games in our shirts.  (Last week Friday – Sunday was for Panmure Stake Youth, Trust In The Lord which is the theme for this year).

Highlight Three – Activities & Games, I enjoyed all activities and games. We first did a fun warm up which was a zumba. You know that game where you throw a dart at the middle, yeah? We played that but it was huge and we had to kick a ball instead. We next went to the Big Epic Dry Slide. It was a big slide that was dry and you just slide down it. Our next activity was a wet one! We were attached to harness and had to run forward and touch the end. I slipped and the harness yanked be back, haha! I sadly loss but it was still so fun! We moved onto rock climbing wall. I was quite nervous about this one but I’ve done things similar to it. I put on a harness and climbed until and hit the red buzzer. Our second to last activity was a water obstacle course. My ward (Saineha 1st) was taking care of the activity. I ran into the small whole and jumped over some courses. I then slide down the slide and landed a pool of water. I won that game, yes! Our last activity was this a quiet group game. Things didn’t quiet work out (another group was still there). This was FUN!

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Term 2 Immersion Assembly

Hello, welcome back to my blog/welcome to my blog! Today is the first day of term 2! Yay! This morning we had a immersion assembly with the whole school. Each team shared an item based on what they are learning for this term. This term’s theme/koreo is “We Know The Way”.

Team One Item – Bees, Team One’s item was based around bees. There were two bee keepers who were searching for bees. There was this one big bumblebee that they chase and followed. The bee knew its way, it went right and left, up and down, over and under.

Team Two Item – Pirates, Team Two’s item was based around pirates. I teacher was a speaker, one was Jolly Roger and the other two were his pirate friends. Jolly Roger pulled out her map and read/looked through it. She got some audience members to help her find her way. They would North/Never, East/Eat, South/Soggy, West/Weet-Bix. Other kids used google and google maps. I guess thats just they way now these days. Everyone if now using technology for mostly everything. Usually when people travel they would use google maps or GPS or the navigation system on cars. Some use maps and paper or just their knowledge. Sometimes they just know where to go. I usually use google, google earth and google maps. 

Team Three Item – Scratch+Coding, Team three’s item was based on a quiz show about Scratch. Three students and Three teachers came up to participate in the quiz show. Questions include what is scratch?, what is coding?, what do you do to fix and code mistake?, and etc. The PES students won the quiz.

Team Four Item – QR Codes & Scratch, Team four’s movie was about navigating and QR codes. The teacher in the movie navigated around the school as a new student. She found and looked for QR codes. The QR codes left some messages and helped her find her way. She eventually did and thought this school was just right.

Team Five Item – Sphero, Team fives’s item was about coding. One teacher read and the other two were students and the other two where robots. One student was precised and the other was rebellious. They helped each other and learnt how the code their robots. I think it was quite funny when the two students (who were teachers) dumped water on the robots head.

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