Free Writing – Tightrope

“Wow, this view is beautiful,” Noah said. Allison agreed. They both gazed at the sun shining big and bright and the clouds fogging everywhere. There was also this big mountain across in the background. Noah was a photographer, taking photos of Allison, Allison was a professional tightrope walker. Allison was soon going to retire from tightrope walking and wanted to capture this last beautiful moment. 

This moment made Allison tear up, just before putting her foot on the rope. She was so emotional that she couldn’t walk so she removed her foot from the rope. She tried to explain to the photographer about her feelings but she couldn’t even talk. The photographer somehow understood her and gave her some time. She was glad she could have a break but curious of how Noah knew. 

All she could really think about is how this is her last time tightroping and how much time she is wasting with the photographer. Thinking that the photographer was inpatient just stood there and gazed at the sunrise. She was confused but wanted to get herself back on her feet. She quickly wiped her tears and began to walk. 

She felt quite steady as she took quite a few steps onto the tightrope. She continued to walk towards the other side, again she started to tear up and get emotional. As she cried she lost her balance and tried to gain it back again. She wobbled and shook but then finally gained it. She froze and wondered if Noah was there to see or even help. As she turned her head she slipped off the rope. 

Allison screamed off the top of her lungs “NOAH HELP!”. She tried to grab hold of the rope but she was too late. Noah was too late. Down, down, and down she went. Her screaming was an echo down the cliff. The fall was so long she wondered if it would end. Eventually it did and thought she was DEAD!

She opened her eyes and skipped around the area yelling “I’M ALIVE, I’M ALIVE!”. But she then froze and thought to herself, if I slipped  off the rope, where am I? She searched and pondered the place. There was this soft ground with luminescent and big trees with crystals hanging from it. The mysterious place was quite beautiful but not where she was supposed to be. No one was there to be seen but she wasn’t totally sure. Again she thought to herself, how will I get out of here? Will this be home? 

TASK DESCRIPTION: Hello, welcome back to my blog/welcome to my blog! This was my writing task for the week. This task was a free writing activity. I wrote about a tightrope walker who is soon retiring. I hope you have enjoyed this post. Please leave a positive comment on my blog.

2 thoughts on “Free Writing – Tightrope

  1. Hi, Finau!!

    I really enjoyed this piece of writing. You used very detailed adjectives to describe the settings they were in! I love the cliffhanger, too, by the way! Super interesting and makes me wonder what’ll happen next for sure.

    Have a great day,

    1. Hi Aye!
      Thank you for your comment. I’m glad that you enjoyed my writing. I’m also glad you like the adjectives and the cliffhanger. Thanks again Aye.
      Have a great day too!

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