Writing – Kingdom of Avalor’s Curse

Kingdom Avalor is a wonderful kingdom. King Edward and his wife Queen Esther rule and take over the kingdom. The people love and admire them. King Edward and Queen Esther have three children, Prince Ethan, Princess Emily, and lastly Princess Elena. Prince Ethan is the oldest and takes care of the family, Princess Emily is the most beautiful and preciseed child, and here we have Princess Elena. Elena is a beautiful, smart, and adventurous princess.

“Elena, I told you to do your chores!” The Queen said. Elena was quite hesitant and shocked but she knew she had to do it sometime, someday. Elena got up and started picking up her clothes and books. Her mother apologised and said “I apologise, it’s just that-” and then Elena cut her off and said “It’s okay mother. I understand”. Her mother exited the room trusting that Elena would listen to her and clean her room. She never really acts like this, even her mum, but little did she know that Elena had somewhere to go to.  

Elena quietly and gracefully jumped on her zip line and swung herself over the castle gates. She did feel quite guilty for not listening to her mother. She would never do something like this but she had a very important meeting, or place to go to. Elena strolled through the narrow path with big trees and bushes on each side of it. From a stroll to a run, she finally reached the place she was looking for. It was a cave with large crystals and stones. She called “Ogre, Elena is here!”. 

Ogre replied “Yes, yes, yes, I’M COMING!”. Elena wanted Ogre to hurry because she had chores to do and she wasn’t allowed with Ogre. It was just a thing that her family or the kingdom didn’t like or want. Ogre came back saying “sorry I was making toad soap, you want some?” Elena replied “No thank you”. Elena reminded Ogre about how he wanted Elena to meet him here. He felt quite uneasy when he began to talk, “Something accidental and terrible occurred in the cave. A curse!”.

Elena wasn’t so sure about this so laughed and asked “What? A curse?” and Ogre said “Yes. A Curse” with a very stern and strong voice. Elen froze and started fiddling with her fingers. She wondered and thought, a curse? Under who and what? So she asked and he said “Under Kingdom Avalor”. 

Elena gasped and fell backwards because of how shocked she was. Ogre quickly picked her up and checked with her if she was alright, she was. Ogre told her that this curse would cause all first born children to sadly pass. Of all families in Kingdom Avalor. Elena questioned him and asked “How do we stop this?” and he said “And that’s where you come in. You need to find a cure or a way to end this curse.”. Without any hesitation she stood up and thanked the ogre. She ran out of the cave and onto the path. She knew if she told her mother or father about this, they would be furious because she didn’t clean her room and she met with an ogre. Will she tell or do this adventure herself?

TASK DESCRIPTION: Hello, welcome back to my blog/welcome to my blog! This is one of my writing tasks for this week. Our literacy teacher gave us an idea on what to write on. I wrote about a princess and ogre. The story is about an ogre who accidentally cursed the kingdom so the princess has to save the kingdom. I hope you have enjoyed this post. Please leave a positive comment on my blog.

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