Free Writing – Black Sky

Hello, welcome back to my blog/welcome to my blog! Today for literacy we did free writing. I chose a image that had a black sky with a big boat sailing. I used the narrative writing structure. I hope you have enjoyed this post. Please leave a positive comment on my blog.


Writing Piece: The sky was pitch black and the moon shined bright. The waves moved up and down. You could hear the waves moving because of the amount of silence. The boat sailed slowly on the water, while the people on the boat paddled – the sails were huge and helped the boat move.

The people in the boat paddled until they were tired. They let the sails on the boat push the boat. Rain pattered and hit the sea. People on the boat searched for shelter on the boat, where they could stay warm and dry. They went down stairs and stayed there.

While the people stayed down stairs they noticed and heard something. The noise was louder than the rain. Thinking it was just more rain it turned out to be hail. This started to worry them because they thought that the rain and hail would fill the boat. They thought about this for a short amount of time and thought that this boat would be okay – it’s been through so many things, it could handle it. 

Once they thought about this they headed back down stairs. Some of the people were worried about this and others were quite calm with this. They thought that the rain and hail was gone and finished so they checked back outside. It was horrible! The rain and hail was still there but thunder and lightning could be heard and seen. 

Everyone was scared and ran around the boat. Others tried to calm each other down but this was too intense. Soon lightning struck the sail and the sail was torn in half. The boat was starting to fill with water. Everyone panicked, no one was calm. What were they going to do?

One person slowly calmed down, he thought of an idea. He gathered and calmed everyone down but this was quite a job. At one point everyone was calm and still. The one person instructed everyone to get buckets and scoop as much water as they could.

All hands were on deck! Everyone was scooping and dumping water out of the boat. This was hard and tiring but they kept on going. Soon most of the water was out of the boat and one of the people in the boat fixed and sowed the sail. Everything was working and in good use. They could make it to Goldenland and possibly meet Richard Harrison. 

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