Homework WK3/T1 2022 – Literacy 2

Hello blog viewers/welcome to my blog! This is our Literacy Homework for this week. We had to read two articles from Kiwi Kids News and write a four sentence summary about each article we read. I read and wrote about Peter Jackson and Proshka the dog. I hope you have enjoyed this post. Please leave a positive comment on my blog.

  1. New Zealand director, Peter Jackson is named world’s highest paid entertainer. Peter Jackson has made NZ$870m last year, mainly through sale of part of his visual effects in business Weta Digital to Unity Software, he sold it for $2.4bn. He is now the third person in history to become a billionaire from making films. Top 10 entertainers are all male and three women made the top 20.

2. A grumpy dog with insane fur has gone famous all over the internet. The dog’s name is Proshka and is two years old. He has been gaining attention and followers of Instagram because of his appearance. Proshka has been compared to Chewbacca and other characters.

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