Explanation Writing – Dream Home!

Hello blog viewers/welcome back to my blog! This is an explanation writing piece I wrote. I wrote about my dream home and the many things (well only 3 main things) I would want in it. I hope you have enjoyed this post. Please leave a positive comment on my blog.

Dream Home!

A dream home would include a huge upstairs, twenty rooms, an indoor gym, an indoor pool, and so much more. Let me share with you my dream home, filled with insane and interesting things.

In my dream home I would have a huge water park! Lots of swimming equipment/floaties, a hot tub that has glowing water, and of course ten insanely big slides. Everyone loves to get wet and soaked with water. What’s better than having your own water park – wait, maybe the next one will change your mind.

You’ve probably been to a movie theatre and know that they are enormous, with big screens and a lot of chairs. Don’t forget the snacks (which are like one hundred dollars)! If you got to own your own movie theatre you would get to watch all the movies you want and have as much snacks you want because you own it! You can invite friends and families, hang and chill watching Enchanto or Spongebob or any movie of your choice. Let’s move onto my last room that I’m sure will fascinate you.

Don’t you just love the taste and smell or delicious and mouth watering slushies or shaved ice. Just imagine owning your own room filled with different flavors of slushies and shaved ice! Slushies and shaved ice are a good refreshing snack. Yes they aren’t healthy for you and you shouldn’t drink it all day, everyday, but everyone loves them!

In conclusion, these are all the many things I would include in my dream home. A water park, movie theater, and of course a room filled with slushies/shaved ice.

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